I Am the ‘She’


I am that very self of you who breaks down into tears at the moment of despair but does not let any chance go without smiling if she is happy. I am that very grown up child like you who is pampered by her parents, the very sister who enjoys the sweet fighting with her younger ones, and that very wife do I find in me who surrenders to love.

A Kolkata born, Bengalee I am, now transformed to a lady. Being an Indian I love my country and value its rich culture and heritage. Now I am away from my hometown and miss my land.

By profession I am a teacher who loves to be loved and remembered by her dear students.

I am the ‘she’ whom you can find everywhere from Asia to Antarctic, who knows to love and respect and needs the same.

Here I am to unwrap my soul and let the flow come out with all sorts of feelings, emotions and experiences(with a social and contemporary touch) that a common man undergoes…


19 thoughts on “I Am the ‘She’

  1. Welcome and wish you all the best! 🙂

    Yes, I hope we cross each others paths soon. Keep writing and don’t stop.


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