Till Then Adieu………….


My dear friends…It’s really amazing that I can address you as my ‘dear friends’ even in this short span of 2 months, without giving a second thought. Though we have neither met ever nor do we know each other personally yet I can call each one of you my dear friend for you were there to hold my hands when I entered this vast and vivid world of blogging, you were there to spend your valuable time and a tolerant reading to my posts even if they bored you, your encouraging words and inspiration were always there to make me dare think of my next post.

Even they were your, your and your posts that have taught me in many ways. It was your beautiful photography that has made my eyes more observant. It was your rhythmic lines that have aroused the storm of emotions within me. It was your articles that have generated not only new information and ideas but also are the great sources of a vast stock of vocabularies. Sometimes I have felt that your ramblings and musings are not your alone but as if they are my emotions penned down by you.

So,  a humongous thank to all my dear friends for your unconditional love and support  have only enriched me with every possible way.

But…. now it’s time to say you goodbye for I have to take a long break. I am going to fight a tough battle… a battle of life… a battle for life. Your prayer, blessing, love and best wishes are the most powerful ammunition that I am going to carry.

If I win this, I will come back as a triumphant and will share the glory with all of you…but it is going to take a long time. I am going to depart with the belief that when I will come back my dear friends will wait for me, once again they will hold my hands to board me on this boat. I am going to miss all of you. Do not forget this friend of yours. Till then adieu………………………….


13 thoughts on “Till Then Adieu………….

  1. Hi Soumi, I know what that feels like and I know how much strength one needs to brave the storm . You will definitely come out stronger and healthier . I will pray for you and wait eagerly for your story of victory . Be positive and wishing you loads and loads of luck . God bless you.

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