A Very Happy Birthday to Me…..


Somewhere I have read a 60 years old man was introducing himself to be thesweet 16‘ with 44 years of experience. It sounded really amazing to me.

After a certain age most of the people lose the charm of celebrating birthday. It appears to them to be the common every other day. Sometimes they feel ashamed and the other times they feel no need of celebrating it as if there is a copyright that only the kids and the young ones have the right to do it.

But thank God! There isn’t any such copyright.Β  A birthday is a birthday, doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teen, at your 70s or more.

It is the day that reminds us and everybody else that I do exist, that I am still alive and yes, consuming the bright sunlight and witnessing the dark mysterious starry sky I profoundly declare there is the self I (so what, if comparatively a very tiny, timid self) in this humongous and infinite universe. So yes, it is the day of celebration..


Life is a precious gift bestowed to us by the Almighty. This good old line is not only to be read but to be realized from within.If we really feel our life to be a precious gift, we should enjoy and celebrate the very day we were gifted with it.

If your near and dear ones forget to wish you, don’t take it hard. Just go outside buy a yummy cake and some glittery candles and of course, blow the colourful balloons if you wish. Oh! don’t forget to call your near and dear ones. Believe me you will feel better. Nothing can be better than blowing the candles out and cutting the cake amidst the wishes of your loved ones and if there is no one to celebrate, you are there to clap and wish for yourself for you are the best friend of yours.

Anyways, today one more candle will be added to the previous 28 for I have turned 29. Oopss!!!Β  not 29. I am a ‘ sweet 16 ‘ with 13 years of experience and would love to remain ‘ sweet 16 ‘ with many more years of experience.It sounds that I am copying that old man but there is nothing wrong in copying good things.

A very happy birthday to me!!!!


27 thoughts on “A Very Happy Birthday to Me…..

  1. Hi Soumi – what a lovely message. Hope you have had a really special. I’ll be joining you and turning a year younger on the 21st πŸ™‚ Chevvy.

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