Love to…&…Hate to….

Hate & love, Love and Hate

Another guy here, to open her gate..


This time I am going to share 10 things that I would love to….& 10 things that really put me down. My dear friend Chhevy ( never forgets to click the mysterious beauty of the world and put down all his emotions in rhythmic lines) has invited me to take part in this interesting challenge…A big thank u Chhevy and sorry for responsing late..

My nominations go for all of you who want to take part in it.

So, first I would love to share the reasons of my ‘uughhss’ & ‘eewwhss’ for I always cherish ‘happy ending’ :- 😀

1. I hate to be ignored by my near and dear ones for I have always been a delicate child to my parents and a pampered wifey.

cow2. I don’t like milk for I smell the body odour of a cow from it.

3. I hate to pretend. I don’t like showing myself what I am not.

spit4. Seeing people spitting anywhere…It’s really ‘yyaaakk’

5. Doing my professional work in my personal place.

6. Getting gifts which appear to be a shock rather than surprise and after handling the shock, uttering falsely with false expression..”How beautiful it is!!!”

ghost7. I hate watching horror movies or ghost series for their ugly faces never let me sleep peacefully at least 3-4 nights resulting into dark circles under my eyes.

8. When I don’t get the person in phone whom I really want to speak to in an emergency..

9. To be misunderstood by people for I am not good at giving clarifications..

mosq10. Last but not the least I deliberately hate mosquitoes and flies for they are always there to give me those hateful auditory and tactile sensations..

Now comes the happy ways of my life which I just love to:-

1.  To be surrounded with my dear family persons.

mom2.  To get daily phone calls from my Ma (Mom) who stays far away from me.

3. To go to my hometown (I was confused if to use ‘go’or ‘visit’ but I found there is a sense of departure in the word ‘visit’ so I chose to avoid it)

4. To travel

5. To get a letter from my husband on the anniversary day every year for he believes in action rather than words. But being a lover of words I really long for them and it’s the one of the rarest days when he expresses and admits his love in words.

6. To treasure all the tokens of love that I ever get from a chocolate wrap to a ring into my closet with utmost care..

photo7. To watch the old family photographs..

8. To fight with my younger sister.

stfood9. Hopping out for shopping and eating street food.

10. Last but not the least I love to be loved here by you all.

So, I have put it to be a’happy ending’ and a big “SORRY” if I have bored u…


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