Award…a word

Award is a word on hearing of which man gets excited and getting of it makes him more persistent as well as more consistent to his work. So here am I to thank cordially to the sweet soul ( who has appreciated my work (though I belong to an infant stage in this vast world of blogging) by nominating me for the two prestigious awards.Beside being a good soul, Urvi has tremendous power of expressing her powerful thoughts in simple words. So it’s worthy to check her.

The 7 facts about me:

1. Basically I am a fun loving guy and I enjoy hopping outs with family and friends.

2. A little bit homesick..As I stay away from my homeland I miss my place.

3. I am a family person…love to hang out with Baba( father), lye down on ma’s( mom’s) lapse, fight with younger sis and pampered by my husband.

4. Being a teacher I love to dwell on my student’s heart.

5. I love to experiment with new recipes. sometimes it’s a super hit and other times it’s a no no 😀

6. Those who like me hug for them, those who don’t smile for them and those who want to change me no use for them…

7. Having just started my journey in this vast world of blogging now I wish to walk long…

Rules of the award:-

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you..that’s me(with name and URL)

2. Tell 7 secrets of yours.

3. Further nominate 15 bloggers.

(p.s. I have nominated for both the award at the bottom)

2. Creative Blogger Award:

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-31-14-11-44-1Urvi thanks again for showing faith in me.I love to read your posts and request the audience to go through it.( 

5 Facts about Me:

1. I love doing fashion following the latest trends..Of course I make sure that it suits me.

2. I am a food loving person though take head ache of gaining fat and for my diet there always is a tomorrow. 😀

3. I love painting..sometimes with water colors, oil paints, crayons and sometimes only with pencils..

4. I love my home sweet home and decorate it accord to my wish.

5. Sometimes I believe in God and sometimes don’t..So many questions do I have with me and will surely ask if I ever meet him.

Now the rules are:-

1. Post the link of the blogger who nominated you.

2. Again nominate 15 bloggers.

3. Disclose 5 facts about you.

Honestly speaking it wasn’t very difficult for me to choose my nominations as in this short period of journey I have got the chance to cross limited friends. I have found inspiration and motivation from these below mentioned friends. For rest my love and wishes are there.

So my nominations are:

















19 thoughts on “Award…a word

  1. Thanks a lot Soumi for nominating me for both the awards! It was truly unexpected and surprising!

    No time to waste, got to share this! 😀


  2. Dear Soumi – Thank you for this recognition. I’ll pass it forward later in the day. But I’m very grateful and pleased that you think I deserve this award.
    Two in a row – Yippee!!
    Above all, congratulations to you too and may your journey be filled with abundance. Have a glorious day. Chevvy.


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